Time and Cost Effective – How to Straighten Teeth without Braces

For many years, you see people with silver metals attached to their teeth. These can be braces or just retainers. Both of these teeth attachments function to align and correct the flaws of the teeth. But when braces became a fad it tends to be a status symbol such that its use became cosmetic in nature. People who use this device for functional reason may not resort to this process if the dental defect is simple. Instead it would be good to learn how to straighten teeth without braces; people then do not need to invest time, money and pain associated with braces.how to straighten teeth without braces
The primary function of braces is to move the teeth to assume an aligned position. The metal attached to every tooth will shift the tooth to its right place because of the brackets, bond and wire connecting one bracket to its neighboring bracket. The braces as a method to straighten teeth can be expensive. But if the flaw is minor, you can adopt other ways to straighten teeth without braces. Three solutions without the need for metal attachments are dental bands, veneers and contouring.

Use of dental bands is a way on how to straighten teeth without braces

< When you use dental bands, you are choosing a good substitute to cosmetic braces. The bands are made of elastic polymer that does not contain any latex. The use of this method tends to close the gaps between teeth. The gap is eliminated because when the band applies pressure to the gums, the dental arc contract to move closer. The adjoining teeth also come close. The dental elastic bands are short term solution which unlike braces takes as long as two years to correct the misaligned teeth. You only wear the dental bands for a maximum of 60 days or approximately just two months. You wear these bands only at nighttime making them really invisible and not very conspicuous. These are less intrusive, cost and time effective. You are not even required visits to the orthodontist. The drawback is that this is only good for simple crookedness of teeth.

How to straighten teeth with veneers

Veneers had been one old method on how to straighten teeth. The veneers are porcelain materials that are placed over the front surface of the teeth. In reality, veneers do not actually straighten the teeth. They just give the impression that they are aligned. They are sometimes referred to as instant orthodontics because the procedure can be accomplished in a single visit to the teeth specialist. In addition veneers as a method to straighten teeth without braces can improve the color as well as shape of your teeth. The downside though is that veneers may need replacement after sometime and this may be expensive if many teeth involve correction and straightening.

How to get straight teeth via contouring

How to get straight teeth via reshaping and contouring is also a time and cost effective method. Depending on the crookedness and number of teeth to be corrected, the visits to the cosmetic dentist may be for one time or few time visits. This method aims to reduce teeth overcrowding or overlapping. With this method on how to straighten teeth without braces, the teeth are merely sculpted where small part of the teeth is removed for reshaping.
If your problem on crooked teeth is not very severe, you can make use of alternative methods on how to straighten teeth without braces. These are through dental bands, veneers or contouring. These are time and cost effective methods that can also align simple dental problems.