How to Straighten Teeth, How Invisalign Works

Do you consider braces as the best way on how to straighten teeth? Are you sure you will not be annoyed by the metal device attached to your teeth? Indeed the period of treatment will take time. Will you be happier to undergo teeth alignment minus the visible metal?
how to straighten teeth
Once you heard about Invisalign, you decided that this is the technique for you. What you have to do then is to visit an orthodontist for consultation. Your teeth and mouth will be examined by the dental specialist. Even if you have the money to spend for the costly procedure, it still has to be determined if this method on how to straighten teeth is what you need. The bespoke to be used for your teeth alignment has to be decided by your orthodontist. If warranted as the really effective means on how to straighten teeth, the invisible teeth aligners will be prepared. And these will not be just one but a series of mouthpiece.

How to straighten teeth with invisible braces

What are Invisalign braces? Why is this preferred over the metal braces? Invisalign is a kind of treatment where the aligners are plastic instead of metal. The term denotes that this is a concealed device used to align and position your teeth. It is plastic, transparent or clear and shaped as an arch to fit the patient’s teeth. Resembling as a clear gum shield, it is tighter than the actual position of the teeth. The tightness forces the teeth to move until the set of teeth is aligned and straightened.
Actually, this procedure is best only for those people who have minor teeth alignment. This may not be applicable or useful for everybody. If your teeth are severely overcrowded, crossbiting or overbiting, this invisible way is not for you. Furthermore, this is very expensive method on how to straighten teeth.

Steps on how to get straight teeth with Invisalign

There are four steps involved when you want Invisalign as the method on how to get straight teeth.
• Initial consultation – As you go to your orthodontist, he will examine the condition of your teeth. He will assess how to get your teeth straight with Invisalign. He will map out the suitable treatment plan.
• Planning of the treatment – Teeth impressions will be finalized through the 3-D computer imaging technology after which the clear or invisible aligners will be made. You will be informed about the procedure, the duration and the cost on how to straighten teeth with Invisalign.
• Making of bespoke aligners – Upon agreement with your orthodontist, the clear bespoke aligners will be made. This is custom-made in accordance to the condition of your teeth. You will have a series of aligners, the number of which varies depending on the condition of the teeth. As you use the invisible device, the progress of the teeth movement will be monitored by your dental specialist. Adjustments will be made based on the development of the movement of the teeth and aligners will be changed. You will always be provided with the representation – before, during and after the treatment.
• Treatment process – You will have to wear the bespoke aligners day and night for the duration of the pre-determined timeline. You will only remove it when you eat, brush and floss your teeth. Every now and then, possibly every month, you will go back to your dental doctor to check the progress. And depending upon the movement, you will get new aligners. This can take 9 to 12 months or longer, depending on how your teeth respond to the treatment.

Is Invisalign a way on how to strengthen teeth also?

Is how to strengthen teeth affected by how to straighten teeth? It is believed that straight teeth are healthier and therefore are stronger. With straight teeth, you can bite and chew well. With teeth that are properly set, the gums are prevented from swelling. When the teeth become properly aligned, they fit well to the gums thus preventing occurrence of periodontal diseases.
Invisalign is a recommended procedure on how to straighten teeth. This does not only make you smile better but this will also contribute to your overall dental health.