How to Get Straight Teeth – Use One of Four Ways

Every person desires beautiful teeth because these are the showcase of a beautiful smile. When you smile, you project a pretty face. If you have crooked, stained and misaligned teeth, you will have a controlled smile. Showing these teeth imperfection can be embarrassing. The potential remedy is to correct these defects by implementing treatments on how to get straight teeth. An orthodontist will be at your rescue.
how to get straight teeth
If you are considering on correcting the faults of your teeth, here are some of the options that can be presented to you. Although your dental specialist will explain each, it would be easier to follow his explanation if you already have an idea on what they are and what will be involved in the process.

How to get straight teeth through braces

Dental braces also referred to as orthodontic braces or simply braces had been the most common approach on how to get straight teeth. These devices aside from straightening act on the under bites, over bites, cross bites, open bites, deep bites and other defects of the teeth and jaw.
These are metal devices attached to the teeth and adjusted when teeth begin to move. This orthodontic way on how to get straight teeth works because of the gentle pressure on the teeth that have grown misaligned or out of place. There are three basic parts of braces. These are the brackets, band and arch wire. The brackets are attached to the teeth through the band or bonding. The arch wire runs from one bracket to the next.

How to straighten teeth without braces being visible

Braces had undergone developments and the “train look” on the front teeth had changed. Wearers who do not like the braces appearing in their mouth switched to the use of “how to straighten teeth without braces being visible” method. These people go for braces that are attached to the backs of the teeth. Or, for those who can afford, they switch to the clear transparent plastic braces called Invisalign.
The difference between the traditional and the back of teeth attachment is just the position of the braces. These are practically the same except that the braces are attached at the teeth’s back instead of the front. The metal braces are concealed.
The Invisalign is a more expensive way on how to straighten teeth without braces being seen. It comprises a series of clear mouthpiece that correct the shape and position of your teeth. Regular visit to the orthodontist is required where the mouthpiece is replaced in accordance to the movement of the teeth.

How to straighten teeth with veneers

The use of veneers is another way of straightening the teeth and this is referred to as “capping teeth”. This method is only for minor teeth imperfections; this is not applicable to severe crookedness. Similarly, this can only be used when only a few teeth are to be corrected. With the veneer, the surface of your tooth will be flattened to allow for the capping. The tooth is overlaid with porcelain in a color that is similar to the color of the rest of the natural teeth.

Tooth contouring and reshaping to straighten teeth

Tooth contouring is another way on how to get straight teeth. This is a quick way to correct the flaws of the tooth and could usually be completed in one session. The contouring and reshaping will involve removal of small amount of teeth enamel. A drill or laser will be used to sculpt the edges and corners of the tooth then it will be polished to attain the desired shape. This method of correction is for people with clipped, uneven or crooked teeth.
Four common ways on how to get straight teeth are visible braces, invisible braces, veneers and contouring. You have to visit your orthodontist to determine the most applicable method. Some of the methods may not be applicable if your dental flaws are too severe.